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Who’s Missing from Your Team?

Many businesses are made up of a team or teams.  Just what is a team in the business world?  ‘A group of people with different skills assigned different tasks, who work together on a common project, service or goal, with a meshing of functions and mutual support.’

In today’s virtual workplace team members are sometimes spread out in different locations, states and even different    
countries. Some members travel frequently while others are more static.  So there is no centralized office with a conference room, break room, printers, receptionist and administrative support staff.  And while the team can do without the conference and break rooms, solid administrative support is always a critical element to a team’s success.

So – who’s missing from your virtual team? 

money_making_ideas_virtual_assistant (640x536) (2)Virtual Assistants are a great way to add additional, high-quality bandwidth to your team—without breaking the bank. They become a seamless member of your team and help drive your company toward its goals.  They can help keep you and your team organized, focused and everyone moving in the same direction.  You now have a centralized point for administrative work instead of having multiple admin tasks spread out among team members.  Everything filters through and is handled by your VA ensuring all gets done.  But most importantly:  Your Virtual Assistant can free up your time and your team’s time to work on those truly important tasks and projects that are going to make a difference for your company.

Your VA will support your team and its individual members by doing all the work of a conventional on-site admin.

Word Processing/Spreadsheets
Email & Telephone Support
Report Preparation
Invoicing & Bookkeeping
Scheduling & Calendar Management
Data Entry
Database/CRM Management
PowerPoint Presentations
Manage Webinars and Online Events
Arrange Travel
Social Media
Internet Research
and more…

Your team members become much more productive if they’re not spending their time doing administrative work.  As a member of your team, your VA is available to support everyone and the workflow is smooth and efficient.

Becky Gregory is an Executive Virtual Assistant and the owner of 
Virtual Administrative Services (VAS) a full service VA firm.
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Becky Gregory is an Exec. Virtual Assistant & owner of Virtual Administrative Services (VAS)
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