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Hi. This is Ruth, The Power Play Lady of The Power Play Reconnect Blueprint and a new member of A Sista's Circle Empowerment Network.

My dolphin friend has become a symbol for me of what I like to talk about most - the God given gift of play.

Did you know that all mammals play? From infancy they learn to play with a purpose. That purpose is to develop strong bodies, learn survival skills and to develop necessary social skills to belong to and survive and contribute to the pod or the herd.

Humans have been given the same gift. But unlike other mammals we reach an age where we consider play to be childish. The only play that is permitted becomes competitive play as in sports. However we need, like my friend the dolphin, to play full out. Play serves the same purpose for humans as it does for all mammals but there are even greater benefits.

Play stimulates imagination, creativity and even productivity from childhood well into our senior years. It is critical to our well being and especially critical as we approach and dive into the retirement years. Then more than ever we need to refashion - reconstruct our notion of what a senior lifestyle should look like, This doesn't necessarily exclude golf or lounging in a hammock but there is so much more that needs to be explored.

One of my favorite ways of playing is soap making. Yes, sometimes I do the long hard old fashioned route from lye to completed product. I call it Old Fashioned Kettle Soap. But there are other aspects of this practice that are totally playful. Such as the Bath Fizzies and even creating SoapBoxes of bath products. Working with color, scent and texture just floats my boat!

I'm a senior. Past retirement age and play has never been as important to me as it is now. I am determined to maintain my vitality and enthusiasm for life and play is the joyful gift from God to make sure that I can do so.

I'll be writing more about play and why it is critical to our well-being and exploring some of the ways in which the art and gift of play can become part of your routine for life.

Until then,

Love and Laughter,

The Power Play Lady, Ruth

Ruth Haskins
(443) 620-4115

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