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  • 10 Things Your VA Can Do To Make Your Life Easier

    When you think about it – most of us are already working virtually to some degree or another; phones, email, Skype, cloud based file sharing, conference calls – it’s how things get done. Working with a Virtual Assistant is no different.  I’ve heard people say… “I don’t think a Virtual Assistant would work for me. I need my assistant to be close by”.  When I hear this I can’t help but think about all the ways a Virtual Assistant can provide support without being anywhere near them. Here are just a few examples:

    1. Social Media Marketing: Creating and sharing information about your business is vital – but not the best use of your time. This is definitely something your VA can do for you consistently resulting in driving traffic to your website and increasing your search engine rankings.
    2. Email: Your Virtual Assistant can reduce your daily email load by checking and screening for you. She can probably respond to a lot of it herself and flag the rest for your personal attention. She’ll also organize your email into manageable folders. Great time saver!busy-professional
    3. Email Marketing & Newsletters: Your VA can help you build loyalty, trust and brand awareness.  This is a time and money saving way to stay in touch with your clients and potential clients. Be the expert in your field and keep everyone informed about what’s going on in your business and industry.
    4. Word Processing & Spreadsheets:  Make sure your business has a professional look with precise, attractive documents. Let your VA create, format and edit simple to complex documents and spreadsheets that make you look great.
    5. PowerPoint Presentations: Interesting and relevant presentations are wonderful visual tools for speakers, coaches, trainers and others. Your VA can create fabulous presentations that help you deliver your message without being distractive.
    6. Calendar Management & Scheduling: Be on time. Know what’s next. Let your VA manage your calendar and schedule your meetings and appointments. Then you’ll always stay ahead of and be prepared for the next thing instead of running ‘a few minutes late’.
    7. Travel & Lodging Arrangements: Room reservations, airline and train tickets and ground transportation; having it all in sync makes your travel experience less stressful. Tell your VA where you’re going and when and let her set it all up for you, over time developing your personal travel profile.
    8. Database/Contact Management: Having your contacts organized and up to date has tremendous value. Not just for mailings and marketing but just being able to find a phone number in a hurry. Let your VA get all those loose business cards organized into an online CRM that you can access from anywhere.
    9. Webinars:   Your Virtual Assistant can set up and facilitate webinars and other online events. Presentations, lectures, workshops, trainings and seminars can be ready when you are. She’ll send out the invitations and the login info and track the RSVPs. She’ll even make sure you’re prepared with everything you need for a successful event.
    10. Internet Research: Research is no longer a bad word? Now your VA can research any topic for you and organize it into a format that you can use.

    Your admin doesn't have to be under the same roof to provide the support you need. VA's can reduce your workload, save you time, money and energy. Enlist the services of a real Virtual Assistant today and experience the benefits for yourself!

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  • Made for Each Other

    My experience with independent professionals (consultants, entrepreneurs, small business owners) is that you do what you do because you love it. You truly enjoy sharing your knowledge and expertise with those who need it.  You enjoy the flexibility of being independent and not being tied to one company or organization. You really don’t mind the travel and quick changes of direction that often come with being a solo act, but let’s face it, you can also wear yourself out trying to do it all yourself. True, most independents don’t need traditional staff but they do need reliable administrative support. The kind of support that helps you always perform at your best.

    Research, marketing, scheduling, writing and creating presentations between gigs is a big energy drainer. This is where a good Virtual Assistant can make all the difference. You’re not committed to an “employee” but you now have someone who can make those calls, build that presentation, do the research and help you grow your business.

    From the beginning VA’s and independents have been a great match – practically made for each other.  But many started to feel a pinch as VA rates began to increase. My advice –take a fresh look. Consider the real value of having a good V.A. who can take so much off your plate. It’s well worth it and still costs less than a traditional admin – full or part time. 

    Here are 3 Tips to Help You Determine Whether a the Right One For You

    1. Determine what things your VA can do that would have an immediate impact on your time. for example:
    • Managing email – Checking, responding, screening and organizing into folders that will save you time.
    • Database/contact management– Keeping contact information up to date for use in marketing, mailings, etc.
    • Social Media Marketing – Consistently posting relevant content about your business on your Social Media sites to keep your name in front of clients and potential clients.
    • Developing documents, spreadsheets and presentations that you use regularly.
    1. What type of personality would be compatible with yours?
    • Do you want someone to just take instructions and not ask a lot of questions?
    • Do you want someone who asks important questions and makes suggestions based on professional experience and knowledge?
    • Do you want someone with a lot of experience or someone who may be just starting out?
    • Do you want someone with an energetic personality and good customer service skills?
    • Do you want someone with good or excellent communication skills?
    1. What kinds of questions should you ask during the interview process to determine whether a VA can handle your business needs?
    • How long have you been in business?
    • Do you have experience in handling (specific task)?
    • What services do you provide (and what services do you not provide)?
    • What are your fees? Do you bill hourly, by project or on retainer?
    • What are your hours (times & days) of operation? What about weekends?
    • Do you have a team to support you? If so, will I be working directly with you or members of your team?
    • Can I contact some of your current and past clients?

    Want to know more? Contact me, Becky Gregory, and let’s talk about how I can help you focus on your business while I focus on you.

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