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  • I Want To Mind My Business

    I want to give a special Thanks to A Sista 's Circle given my Company LaNaturalle opportunity to let our listener know that LaNaturalle Products is here! I really enjoyed myself. My sistas' s and I did a Awesome job tonight! We should be so proud of ourselves. Congrats to my sisters Stephanie and Nanetta, Ms Ida. This show right here will be successful! Thank you again. ..KarenMMcfadden
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  • Tribute to Martin Luther King

    I believed that Martin Luther King was anointed by God, just as other people of the Bible. They were all born with a specific purpose to complete before leaving earth. Recently, I attended a breakfast at The Associated Jewish Federation of Maryland where  we viewed "A Divided Class." I thought is was very provocative. It confirmed for me that I must make a difference and do something.

    A Class Divided

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