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In Blink of An Eye

Yesterday, morning I woke up fixed breakfast and told my kid to have a great day at work. About 3 minutes later, my son calls and said the car was hit. Thank God, everyone involved was fine. Today, I learned that a co-worker's wife was killed in a card accident and leaves behind 4 small children and a husband. My heart goes out to the family who I know is having a hard time in this moment.

Today I had a lady walk up to me and tell me how beautiful I looked and asked,  "Has anyone told you that they loved you today?" She gave me a hug and went on her way.

To reflect on the events of the last 24 hours, I couldn't help but think about how quickly life can change and how valuable every breathing moment truly is. How important it is to love on family and friends. Today, tell your family how much you love them. Remember, life can drastically change in a blink of an eye.

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