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Now on to the Dance and Music Festival, September 27th

This festival is geared towards our youth. bringing them positive music, health, fitness, and non-profits. We need your help to put this on. Please donate.

We at Dance 4 U and Entertainment are excited about hosting our 2nd Annual Dance and Music Festival event that will be held at Veterans Plaza in Silver Spring, Maryland on September 27, 2015.  Thank you for taking an interest in our community affairs.  We would like to start off by giving you some background on our event.

Our focus is to maintain this family friendly festival for many years and continue to develop communities and strengthen neighborhoods by providing educational resources and professional trades to youth and small businesses which establishes a solid base for a positive community self-image.

This is a free, Community Based Program event featuring a wide range of music and entertain- ment. The Festival will host Dance Music DJs, Singers, Dancers, Clown Entertainment, Droid Exhibit, Personal Trainers, Guest Speaker(s) and much more.

Thank you for helping us makes the 2nd year of the Dance and Music Festival bigger and better than ever. Just your consideration speaks volumes within the Montgomery County community.  

Date:             September 27, 2015
Location:    Veteran Plaza, Silver Spring, MD 
Time:            4:00 PM to 9:00 PM 
Cost:              Free 

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Tracy Stevens
CEO of Stray Ink LLC

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