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Customer Service – Remember My Name

“Good morning.  Thank you for calling Virtual Admin Services. My name is Becky, how can I help you?” We all hear something like this from time to time. It’s called good customer service. Good customer service, if it’s done well, can be extremely beneficial to both sides of a phone call.  A well trained and courteous front line support person can make the difference between the caller getting what he or she called for or getting just enough to leave them annoyed and dissatisfied.

As a professional Virtual Assistant I often make and receive calls for my business and for my clients as well, which means I’m often placed in the role of front line representation; and we all know about first impressions.  I’m a firm believer in establishing good will right from the start.  It makes the whole encounter much more pleasant and usually gets positive results. And it’s such a little thing.  When the C.S. Rep tells you their name,  jot it down and use it! Say that person’s name during the course of the conversation. For example – “I understand your company’s policy, Mary, but I’m still under warranty.” I know – I know, it’s a little thing but it really can make a big difference.

I have found that calling an individual by his or her name is not only courteous, but it personalizes the discussion and often, the level of service and effort goes up several notches. Mary or John might dig a little deeper or go a step further to find the answer or result you need. So say the name. Be friendly. Ask them what city they are in and how the weather is there. And don’t forget; when the conversation is wrapping up thank the person.  Use their name and let them know that they have been helpful.

C.S. Rep: “Is there anything else I can help you with today?”customer-service-1641724_640
Caller: “No Mary, you’ve answered all my questions and I really appreciate your help.”
C.S. Rep: “Thank you, Mr. Smith.  It’s been my pleasure.  And thank you for calling the XYZ Company.”

Becky Gregory is an Executive Virtual Assistant and the owner of Virtual Administrative Services (VAS)

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Becky Gregory is an Exec. Virtual Assistant & owner of Virtual Administrative Services (VAS)
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