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I'm really blessed and happy to be apart of the sista circle, or as I like to think of us "ASCEN". Ida and Tracey Stevens are helping me with my business and website projects. The encouraging feeling I've received from just listening to all the women who come to the CIRCLE is incredible.

I told the group that I was looking into using a room at Joanne Fabric store, for teaching beading, Ms Bunny suggested I start at her Senior center community instead.  

Karen Mcfadden was so nice and helpful to show me how to boost my instagram page. I look forward to further engagement with ASCEN!!

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  • Thank you for mention me.. but I'm just a tool that Almighty JEHOVAH is using to help my sistas that all. I truly appreciated your call this evening sis you encourage me so much. You gave me what i need at the right time. I 'm truly bless to have my sistas at this time. I'm truly grateful to each every one of u ladies. Good Night!
  • It is always a pleasure to support you, Stephanie. I am happy that you are receiving what this organization is designed for. I like the acronym. We will start to use it in our marketing. Many Blessings To You and Yours
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