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    Does coaching help entrepreneurs? Free book tells all

    The statistics for start-up businesses is dismal---according to Bloomberg, only two in ten small business will still be in business 18 months from now. What separates the ones that last from the ones that don’t? One big difference is that many successful business owners hire coaches to help them with their business growth as well as with their personal growth.

    So how does coaching help entrepreneurs? Find out in the latest book offering by the International Association of Professional Life Coaches, “Coaching for Entrepreneurs: How Life Coaching Can Help Entrepreneurs Improve Their Bottom Line.”  Written by 10 expert coaches (including myself) who are IAPLC members, this book hones in on this question from 10 different angles!

    And for 3 days only---Nov. 15-17, you can get a free Kindle copy.  Details at:

    •    How to balance leadership, management, and operations
    •    Planning for financial success through branding
    •    Mastering the “inner you”
    •    Leveraging your most valuable asset—your personal board of directors
    •    Starting your business on a shoestring budget
    •    How NLP coaching can support entrepreneurs
    •    7 steps to transforming your business into a profit center

    Each of the co-authors has written a chapter about how their coaching helps entrepreneurs. They include examples of breakthroughs, transformations, results, and techniques that their clients have experienced through coaching to increase their business success and revenue.

    Get your free copy Nov. 15-17 HERE:

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