Words are powerful. They have the ability to empower and inspire or discourage. How we talk to ourselves as well as others truly matters. Certain words inspire one to achieve or not.

One of the words, I tend to stay away from is "try" "trying." For me, this word gives me a feeling that I am not accomplishing the task or the task has no answers. It does not give me a feeling of empowerment or inspiration. I feel discouraged. It gives me a feeling of hardship. For example, one of the sentences I  hear often from solo-entrepreneurs is, "I'm trying to increase my product line." The first thought that comes to my mind is, "is it happening."  So instead one might say, "I am increasing my product line." Doesn't that sound a lot more empowering and inspiring. It says to me that the increase is happening. As solo-entrepreneurs, it is so important to find words that support growth and keep us on the journey. You will go through enough un-inspiring moments without any effort. 

Other words that can be used to describe new adventures or strategies that you may be implementing in you business, could be developing, testing, implementing, designing, creating, etc. All of these words give me a feeling of excitement whenever I am embarking on something that I have never done before or bringing to life. I almost said, "trying new..." LOL! (I'm still work in progress. talking about it helps me to stay conscious of it)

The lesson here is to chose words that inspire and empower you to embrace what is new or unknown for you. Incorporating words that motivate and inspire you will make all the difference in how you feel on your journey and get you through the tough times.


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