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Two weeks ago ladies Ms.Ida and La Naturalle Products support a music event with talented youths of Baltimore called SpeakLifeTour . Ms. Catherine Trotter a special woman who find these beautiful raw talented that these youths have. I was very impressed of their performance. We have among that group little stars coming up on the risen! Check them out on Instagram SpeakLifeTour amazing young people and their wonderful parents as their managers and teachers.Now today with Ms.Trotter. La Naturalle Products had the privilege to speak with young ones on the opposite scale of the group speaklife. These young ones were foster children and who are in a summer program. They were precious in their own little ways. La Naturalle Products spoke on Wellness and Nutrition how it works hand and hand. This was a privilege to speak with them on that very subject. I learn so much from the other speakers and was so encouraged too. I know I didn't reach every child in there but if I reach just one I did my job. Yes I learn ladies we must reach back and help our precious little ones because they need us.Your sister KarenM from LaNaturalle Products
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  • Supporting our youth is a rewarding experience. The news only shows the negative side. They do not show those kids who are doing remarkable things and whose parents are supporting them to step into their greatness. The Speak Life Tour definitely brought Baltimore's youth in an uplifting and positive way. Catherine is a remarkable women who is full of passion for her kids. I am Blessed and honored to have met her.
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