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Welcome to the Art of the Bath and Pioneer Sister Soap Company

Soap is a something that can be a part of your radical personal self care.

Your skin is the largest organ of the body. Therefore it demands that you take special care in what products you use..

Be aware of products that when you read the ingredients you cannot recognize the words.

Soap, real soap, is a combination of natural oils and lye and another liquid, possibly water or goat milk. The process that turns this combination of ingredients into soap is called saponification.  When all ingredients are in proper proportion the lye is absorbed and disappears leaving a luxurious rich product that is a simple good product for your skin.

.Purchasing from a  Pioneer Sister Soap Company will be an adventure in self care. Luxurious soaps imbued with essential oils and essential oils blends. Lovely in feeling, lovely in effect - fabulous in fragrance.

Be sure to ask about our special fragrance collections. This spring we are proud to present

The Jade Collection


The Lotus Collection.

Each collection includes soaps, body wash or lotion, a sugar scrub and a lovely collection of bath fizzies. The fragrances are sure to make you want to indulge in the Art of the Bath - the art of bathing in which women have indulged down through the ages from ancient Egypt to the isles of Polynesia.

Ruth Haskins
(443) 620-4115

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