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What is your original and authentic blueprint?

When I was nine years old, I sat in a movie theater at the RKO Keith in White Plains, New York. The day seemed to have been a normal Saturday. We were never allowed to sleep late not even in the summer. Up at six and chores finished by eleven. Then if we passed my mother's white glove test, the reward was movie and bus fare and money for popcorn. Pure joy.

This Saturday proved to be the one that I have remembered all of my life.

Back in the day, Saturday matinee's belonged to the children. Theater was cloaked in glorious mystery. The heavy velvet curtains hid the screen while a softly playing organist hid behind the curtains at the far right of the stage. Children giggled, chatted and taunted and yes tossed a few kernals of popcorn but when those velvet curtains rose in the organist corner and the organ with its muscian slid from its hidden place .. all mayhem stopped.

We were mesmerized.  Then we waited with baited breath because as happy as we were to see the organist it was really just the prelude to the main event; twenty minutes of cartoons. Then on to the movie.

When your a child every thing appears to be larger than life. For me, it felt as if the characters in the movie had come off the screen.

The movie was Disney's "A Light in the Forest." There was a moment when the main character, a Native American, overwhelmed the screen. It was to me, at nine years old, the most awesome shot! I was emotionally engaged and I remember jumping forward in my seat and whether I said it aloud or to myself, I don't know. But I remember saying with absolute conviction:

"I can do that!"

The "that" was the possibility of writing stories that translated into powerful images on film.

I am blessed that in my life I worked for television and had the opportunity to realize that indeed, I could do "that"

I am writing this because I was not the exception. Most children know exactly who they are and who they are meant to be from very early on.

I proved this to myself when I had the opportunity to work at the Baltimore Convention Center for the Palm Springs Fine Arts and Antique Show during the summer of 2017.  I spent my breaks and lunch time (I was assisting one of the vendors) walking and speaking to the vendors of some of the most exquisite and amazing works. My question to each one was "When did you know that this is what you wanted to do with your life/" The answer came back again and again: "five years old, seven years old. From the first time I saw my grandmothers collection of cobalt blue glass and she allowed me to help her dust it. 

These artisans are amazing in what they produce. Aside from the importance of age, the overriding theme is that they refused to let anyone, not even parents to dissuade them from the intrinsic knowledge of who they were.

That's why I asked the title question. What is your blueprint? What is it that you knew about yourself from a very early age that maybe you have forgotten or you were dissuaded from pursuing.

It happened to me. I don't doubt that it has happened to many others.

I'd love to have your feedback - hear your story. You can reach me at or text me at 443-620-4115

In the meantime Consider This:

You get to a place where you begin to be guided by something greater than yourself.  You stop fighting and striving and instead, surrender to your higher purpose and be guided from there, allowing things to happen, trusting in Source, focusing on your why and letting go of the how."            Dr. Wayne W. Dyer   "The Shift: Taking Your Life from Ambition to Meaning.

Ruth Haskins
(443) 620-4115

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