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    Lovely Lime Green and black Vertical column earrings. 

    These are beaded in the square stitch which 

    is a technique of weaving by picking up two

    beads and weaving through the bead in a.

    square pattern. Very light weight and eye catching.

    The earring wires are handmade 20 gauge

    gold filled wire,

    You can purchase this piece for 

    $35.00 Order here













    This lovely addtion to your wardrobe is 26" long

    and 2" around with an open and airy feel.

    The Dutch spiral stitch makes it springy and slinky.

    The Dutch Spiral Stitch is woven with black bugle long

    beads and size 6 lime beads.

    The end cones are gold filled with a gold filled lobster clasp.

    Wear it with a Purple or Blue outfit.

    Snap this peice up for $90.00 Order here















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    A Boho ring is a special addition to your accessories.

    You will be Trendy wearing a Boho ring.

    Commanche and Ndebele stitches create this easy to wear ring.You will love the compliments you get when wearing your Boho ring.

    Red Sunset round Swaroski crystal 6mm, Rows of seed beads ,Mat yellow size 8,dark orange size 8,opaque yellow green size 6,galvanized gold size 11, and autumn mix mat finish, size 11 seed beads for the band.

    A special price of  $30.00 Size is 6

    Buy Now! 

     Order here



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    Hi everyone, last night Ida helped the women of the ASCEN navigate the website.  This was the first session of many to come. I thought it was very helpful. Ida was patient with us and herself. I learned more than how to use our system, I learned patience. The ASISTASCIRCLE is a great circle to belong to.

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    My new Techniques in bead work. This is called Odd count Peyote.  What a fun set of colors, that would go well with a grey outfit.

    To learn more.

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  • Doing what God tells me to do.

    The week of September the 11th,Pastor Peterson my Church leader, sent out a text asking his congregation to attend an Opioid Workshop. I looked at it and said, Well maybe I'll go to support the pastors efforts. The day before the workshop, my critic started saying" why go to that, you don't know anyone with Opioid addictions. Besides even if you do, they won't listen if you say something to them. When I started to wavering, the critic said, "you wouldn't know what to say without offending someone, or sounding like your preaching. Then it throw in the biggy! What about your beading, it's Saturday and husband is at work.  But I went on, because God told me to go. 


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    When I was asked how much water I drank a day, I said I have a cup I carry with me everyday. That didn't answer the question. Yes I have the cup full of water, but when I really thought about it, I sipped water, I didn't drink it. 32 ounces of water need to be consumed a day. Warning, going to the restroom a lot more will be annoying at first. Just remember the rewards, soft skin, well functioning kidneys, and weight loss.


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  • abundant

    Hi Tracy,I wanted to share with you some information about a artist information website I've been reading. It's run by a man named Cory Huff. His focus is "how to sell art on line".
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  • I'm really blessed and happy to be apart of the sista circle, or as I like to think of us "ASCEN". Ida and Tracey Stevens are helping me with my business and website projects. The encouraging feeling I've received from just listening to all the women who come to the CIRCLE is incredible.

    I told the group that I was looking into using a room at Joanne Fabric store, for teaching beading, Ms Bunny suggested I start at her Senior center community instead.  

    Karen Mcfadden was so nice and helpful to show me how to boost my instagram page. I look forward to further engagement with ASCEN!!

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  • I am grateful to God to be apart of the sista circle. Last night my sistas were so helpful.

    You showed me that I am apart of the right group. As I'm learning how to walk seriously in my business, I can say I have some insecurities, and you all were willing to help. Last night  showed me once again that I can get feed back and genuine help from you ladies. The amazing thing that comes to my mind is that I've just  meet most you, and I'm already comfortable.

    I have spoken to two women on the elevator today. The story is I was on my way to my car , having just left the exercise class. I happen to have on a new company shirt. One of the women commented that it looked real nice. I told her that I actually had it on because I left my tee shirt home and this was all I had to exercise in, I laughed and told them I put it on and kept it moving. That made them laugh too.

    Ms Bunny was amazing with her poem. As Karen and I were on our way home, we started to converse about how we felt , and I said, it felt like light was being shone in the dark places, and Karen said" that's what Ms Bunny's poem was about" Ahhhh

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