Stephanie Jordan Jewelry Artist

Baltimore, MD


Birthday: October 3

What is your reason for joining? I've joined ASCEN because I need to connect with people who are developing themselves the way I want to develop myself, while creating my business.

What special skills do you bring to the organization? My special skill would be research, teaching and a helping hand

Tell Us What You Do I am an artist, who uses seed beads to creative art to wear.Excitement.

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A Boho ring is a special addition to your accessories.You will be Trendy wearing a Boho ring.Commanche and Ndebele stitches create this easy to wear ring.You will love the compliments you get when wearing your Boho ring.Red Sunset round Swaroski cry…
"I love the pink to orange pieces."
The week of September the 11th,Pastor Peterson my Church leader, sent out a text asking his congregation to attend an Opioid Workshop. I looked at it and said, Well maybe I'll go to support the pastors efforts. The day before the workshop, my critic…
WATER DRINK TO YOUR HEALTHPOSTED BY STEPHANIE JORDAN JEWELRY ARTIST ON JUNE 10, 2014 AT 8:41PMWhen I was asked how much water I drank a day, I said I have a cup I carry with me everyday. That didn't answer the question. Yes I have the cup full of wa…
Hi Tracy,I wanted to share with you some information about a artist information website I've been reading. It's run by a man named Cory Huff. His focus is "how to sell art on line".
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I want to teach beading, and I want to create a business of making beaded jewelry that can sustain my family and the life style I want to live. So what do I know now and what do I need to learn to push me further down the path?
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Denis Whatley
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Hi everyone , I'm excited to be creating a way for potential customer to purchase my creations. One the avenues will be the artist website called ETSY.
"I can't wait to hear all about it."
I love to explore the wave length through which colors come to play in my head. As the the dawn is turning to full day light there are colors of orange sherbet,mixed with a soft blue grey. Or I may see a Lavender laying across that lovely pink and o…
I'm really blessed and happy to be apart of the sista circle, or as I like to think of us "ASCEN". Ida and Tracey Stevens are helping me with my business and website projects. The encouraging feeling I've received from just listening to all the wome…
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