Ruth Carol Haskins

Columbia, MD


Birthday: October 28

What is your reason for joining? Networking is critical for developing the outreach of my business. I believe I have skills that will be beneficial to the community

What special skills do you bring to the organization? Voice Actor, Speaker, Writer other network communities

Tell Us What You Do My expertise is teaching adults in different situations how to restore ‘play’ to their well-beingness. Heart-Centered play restores a natural part of being human that many adults have abandoned. I’m known for teaching people how to do this from the stage, and workshops. My brand is called The Power-Play Reconnect Blueprint. I am also a professional voice actor with a background in radio and television broadcasting. And..Soap Maker!

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The Power of Play Two years ago this coming April, I conducted a free workshop. At the time, the purpose of the workshop was simply to share some ideas on creativity that I thought might be helpful to a few friends.. There was not a great deal of fo…
Hi. This is Ruth, The Power Play Lady of The Power Play Reconnect Blueprint and a new member of A Sista's Circle Empowerment Network.My dolphin friend has become a symbol for me of what I like to talk about most - the God given gift of play.Did you…
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