Renee Jeannine Carter - Chef

Baltimore, MD


Birthday: January 18

What is your reason for joining? To network and grow with like-minded people

What special skills do you bring to the organization? Catering Services and the opportunity to educate people about the importance of eating healthy.

Tell Us What You Do I provide healthy meals to seniors and individuals on a monthly basis. I also provide catering services for events, parties, meetings and any occasion that requires food services. Contact me at 410-635-0464 for detail information.

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These are my signature wraps. I have different types of wraps. I serve juicy chicken wraps, banging turkey wraps, delicious fish wraps, shrimp wraps and what ever the sauce is served for that day. Wraps include lettuce and tomatoe, cucumber,red onio…
The meeting that Ida and Karen and myself was awesome. We took pictures, picked pictures for our movie.It not only was fun but we shared the love.Looking forward to seeing everyone on APRIL 5TH at the networking event.Peace and blessings.Yourtraveli…
Renee Jeannine Carter - Chef is now a member of A Sista's Circle Empowerment Network - ASCEN, LLC
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