Nicole Mulazim

Owings Mills, MD


Birthday: January 28

What is your reason for joining? to build a sisterhood and share the wealth of knowledge

What special skills do you bring to the organization? Financial Education, life insurance you dont have to die to use, tax free retirement

Tell Us What You Do I am a financial educator and a national recruiter my goal is to bring life change in our communities, using the financial Spectrum, bringing Prosperity back in a home, teaching to build Financial wealth. Connecting with business owners through collaboration with what I do and what they do so they can see that 10 times out of 10 Financial education will spearhead there business and bring their businesses a Niche that most don't have

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"Hey. I would love to make this a monthly event in my office along with a mortgage protection and key persons seminar for our business owners. Can you shout this out for me.
 Life Insurance you don't have to die to use Tax Free Retirement, Life time income Upside Potential, No Downside Risk College Funding Plan, Key Persons Plan 
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I'm sharing a live webinar tonight at 9pm guys please join in to check out my crusade ,helping people and if you know someone who's interested in doing what I do, share my webinar. Nicole Mulazim invited you. it's a live webinar that tells about t…
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