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Karen M Mcfadden:Wellness Coach

Parkville, MD


Birthday: August 29

What is your reason for joining? To learn all I can about how to improve my business . Love to meet woman of all ages, different facets of business and coming together as one union in love and peace.To expand my business to woman of different nationality.

What special skills do you bring to the organization? Being bi- lingual help Latin woman to know about this wonderful organization.

Tell Us What You Do I 'm Wellness Beauty Advocate working on becoming a Wellness Beauty Coach in Self-care in the hair, body, mind connection. Wellness and Beauty been a part of me for over 15years. Helping people who wants to look and feel better about themselves by teaching different methods and concepts to take care of Our beautiful bodies naturally. Also I have a story to share and a value service to offer.

How do we connect with you? http://k.mcfadden@ymail. com

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Digestive HEALTH is so important especially NOW! Last week I talk about PROBIOTICS how it helps gut HEALTH! You may wonder what is Kombucha Tea? Good question Kombucha is a fermented drink is combination of sweetened black or green tea and a symbiot…
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