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Birthday: August 29

What is your reason for joining? To learn all I can about how to improve my business . Love to meet woman of all ages, different facets of business and coming together as one union in love and peace and harmony.. I love expand my business to woman of different nationalities. I am a people person.

What special skills do you bring to the organization? I also have cuban roots I can help Latino woman to know about this AMAZING organization as other woman from around the world. I know greetings in other languages too. I love people from different culturals,backgrounds.I can communicate with anyone or travel to any place in the world and be at HOME!!

Tell Us What You Do I am WELLNESS & Lifestyle COACH. As result what I do individuals are developing a NEW mindset and creating a NEW lifestyle that you will fall in love with the new YOU!!. Having the mind and body that is UNRECOGNIZABLE! Let me help you to be that accountability partner. That you been looking for that will take YOU to that NEXT level! I am looking for individuals who are READY to have a NEW mindset and NEW lifestyle! Who Do You KNOW?

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Coach Karina M on the Esteem Hour with The Queen of Esteem.  Tune in! TOMMORROW! AT 9:am PST AND 12PM EST. For those who are READY to eliminate those old beliefs and behaviors and learn to have a NEW mindset and developing a NEW nutritional lifestyl…
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Digestive HEALTH is so important especially NOW! Last week I talk about PROBIOTICS how it helps gut HEALTH! You may wonder what is Kombucha Tea? Good question Kombucha is a fermented drink is combination of sweetened black or green tea and a symbiot…
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