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  • Cost comparison for full-time employee vs. a Virtual Assistant



    Full-time Employee

    Virtual Assistant

    Hourly Rate of Pay



    Fringe Benefits @ 35%
    (Health/Dental/Life Insurance, Retirement Plans)



    Overhead Rate @ 50% (Office Space, Equipment & Office Supply Expense, UI Insurance, Worker’s Compensation, Overtime Pay, Administration Costs)



    Total Effective Rate of Pay



    **Hours Per Year

    2,080 hrs.

      480 hrs.

    TOTAL Annual Labor Cost




    Difference = $60,160.00 per year


    By hiring a Virtual Assistant…
    You SAVE over $60,000.00 per year!

    Although the Virtual Assistant’s hourly rate is more than the employee’s rate in the first place, you save the cost of benefits and overhead that would have to be applied to the new employee’s wage. And, because Virtual Assistants are usually more experienced, more efficient, and better connected than the employee, you’ll need to devote far less time to the project to get the same results, only 480 hours a year versus 2,080 for the new employee.

     **Remember, with a Virtual Assistant, you only pay for the time on task by the minute! No more paying for socializing, hour long lunches or frequent trips to the washroom.

    Your employee’s 8 hour day can be crunched into 3-4 hours with a Virtual Assistant.

    Simply put, you should contract with a Virtual Assistant because it’s more cost-effective and Virtual Assistants go above and beyond the normal assistant’s duties to impact your own productivity. No task is too big or small for a Virtual Assistant to handle. Even if you only have 1 hour of work a month for a Virtual Assistant to do, a VA can (and will) do it.

    Save Money and Hire Your Virtual Assistant Today!

     *Source: Virtual Assistant Network Cost Comparison
    The Largest Global Meeting Place Online for Aspiring and Successful Virtual Assistants

    Contact Becky today and save money on your administrative needs.

    Becky Gregory, Executive Virtual Assistant
    Virtual Administrative Services (VAS)
    Baltimore, Maryland
    Phone:  443-557-8187


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  • Working Together As One

    Contact Ida Crawford at 443-692-7259 or


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  • Save

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  • Join Danielle Hall and Myself for another episode of Un-Chain Your Mind. This month's topic is  "Why AM I Still Single." As you get older and still have not met Mr. or Miss Right and made that commitment, some tend to feel some kind of way about it.

     Join this collaboration if you or someone you know is feeling this way. You might be married or divorced and want to support those singles who might be asking themselves that question.

    We're going to be live this Sunday, July 31, 2016 at 7:30 PM. We welcome your thoughts and support.

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  • One House One Nation

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  • Liberty Live 2016

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  • B.E.M.O.R.E.S.T.E.M.

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  • Eventbrite - The 2nd Annual Line Dance and FreeStyle Cabaret




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  • This week I had the privilege to provide technical support for the The Zanvyl and Isabelle Krieger Fund's who hosted and facilitated the "Baltimore: A Trauma-Informed Resilient City Breakthrough Series Collaborative. In one of the segments, the topic was Racial Justice in Trauma and Resilience, in which clips from "Cracking the Codes: The System of Racial Inequity," was presented to inspire discussion on institutional racism. Oh My God, what a powerful segment. This even was very transformational for me. After visiting the website  . Below are some clips that I pulled from the website to get your juices going (:

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  • The Difference Between

    What an excellent reminder as to what it means to be a Leader.

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  • Having systems to achieve goals is an important ingredient for the success of anything that you want to do. This is a great article from Goals On Track. Enjoy.

    4 Easy Steps to Reach Your New Year’s Goals and Perform Better in 2016

    By Brian Tracy

    Do you want to make 2016 the best and most successful year of your life?

    I want to explain what you can do to make it happen! These tips are very practical and easy to do, but they will be greatly beneficial to your success. Keep reading and I will show you how…

    How to Reach Your Goals in 2016

    One of your most valuable financial assets is your earning power. They call it your human capital or your intellectual property. What you have to do is constantly increase your earning ability.

    Image climbing a ladder. When you start climbing in your career and most people have no earning ability, but after 10 or 20 years some are earning 20 to 50 times more than others! Even though they started out in the same spot.

    What’s their Secret?

    The difference was that the top people based on years of research have continually learned new skills as they go through their careers. Like climbing a ladder. Every new skill increases your ability to get great results. It increases the value of your contribution. It increases your ability to earn more money.

    If you want to earn more money in and accomplish your goals in 2016, create more value. It’s as simple as that.

    How do you make 2016 a great year?

    The only way you can create more value for yourself in 2016 is to learn and apply new skills that allow you to get better results. Results that people will pay you more and more to get.

    1) How To Write Goals for 2016

    Some people don’t know where to start and wonder how to write goals. Ask yourself this question…

    “Where do I want to be in 12 months?”

    Write down 10 goals that you want to accomplish in the next 12 months of 2016. Look at your goals that you have written down and think to yourself, “If I could wave a magic wand, which one goal would have the greatest impact on my life.” For most of us, it’s a financial goal.

    For some of us it might be a fitness goal, a relationship goal, or a business goal, but for most of us it is a financial goal. You can still use these tips on any goal.

    2) Focus On One Skill at a Time

    Write it down very clearly and set a date. Then make a list of everything that you can do to achieve this goal. Then, the next question you want to ask is,

    “What one skill will help me the most to achieve this goal?”

    Think about all of the skills that you have and find out one skill. Focus on learning one skill that can help you achieve your most important goal.

    This formula is the reason why people go from the bottom to the top of anything. The most successful people are very clear on where you want to go.

    You must have a very clear goal. Then you must be very clear about the skills you must acquire that will get you there. When you acquire new skills, it helps you climb the ladder of success, every new step of the ladder you increases your earning potential.

    When you increase your earning ability, you open up new opportunities for yourself. Keep adding new skills and keep growing to achieve your most important goal.

    3) Manage Your Time

    Today we are overwhelmed with too much to do and too little time.

    You must plan every day in advance…

    The simplest way to do this is to make a list of everything that you have to do in your coming day. If you are going to invest your time into anything, you want to do the thing that gives you the greatest return on energy, or your mental and physical energy.

    Some people work all day and make a few dollars and some people work all day and make thousands of dollars.

    Which one do you want to be?

    Make a list of everything that you have to do in the coming day and identify your most important task. Which one item will have the greatest value in your work? The greatest value in achieving your main goal? Work on this task first. Work on it until it is 100% complete.

    4) How to Develop a Good Habit in 2016

    Start each day by completing a task first thing in the morning. This is one of the great psychological tricks of success…

    Start and complete one task, first thing in the morning.

    If you’re going to complete a task in the morning, start and complete your most important task! Do that every day before you do anything else. Repeat this over and over again for 3 weeks and you will develop a habit.


    Focus on your most important goal in 2016 by developing skills to achieve it. Manage your time by completing the most important tasks first and develop a new habit of completing your most important task first.

    If you do follow these 4 tips, I promise that you will have great success in 2016 and develop great habits for years to come.

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  • Self-Discipline is one of the hardest attributes to acquire. However, it is required to reach any goal that you set out for yourself. I ran across this article from Goals On Track, which I follow regularly, which highlighted some great points in achieving Self-Discipline. I can think of more to add to this list, as you will probably also be able to do. However, I though it was a great read to wake up your consciousness.

    Ten Top Habits To Grow Self-Discipline

    By Julette Millien

    Over the years I have worked so hard on being self-disciplined. It surely DID NOT come easy! These ten habits took time, sweat and some tears to create.

    And it’s not just me. Based on the many, many conversations, sessions and interventions over the years, with people who were desperately trying to grab control of their lives, these are the “gateway” habits that come up again and again.  Create any one of these and you will see and feel immediate impact on your productivity and level of joy. Create all ten and you will hardly be able to touch the ground!

    1. An attitude of gratitude - having a habit of saying and meaning “thank you” throughout your day is powerful.  What we are grateful for expands in our life.  I’m presently [as it has not always been the case] in the habit of saying thank-you for the challenges as well.  The really are tomorrow’s blessings. This has been demonstrated more times than I can count. Thank everybody for everything – not just with words, but with your attitude and actions. Be grateful!
    2. Reading and Learning – being on a continuous quest for knowledge about the world, your self, your “work,” parenting, technology, etc keeps you at the top of your game.  Whatever industry you are in, in terms of knowledge and information, it’s growing.  I’ve been on a “learn at least one new thing per day” journey to stay informed. It’s also my ‘stay young’ strategy!
    3. Exercise. Need I say more?  Whether it’s in the gym, walks or play…all successful people schedule some sort of physical activity that keeps them alive, healthy and well.
    4. Eating well. Another obvious one.  Limiting caffeine, alcohol, sugars and general junk food is essential for good health.  Good health is an essential aspect of “success.”  Successful people understand that their health is directly linked to their creativity, energy level, mindset, emotions and output.
    5. SMILING – yes, smiling:-) .  I’ve worked with several people and actually live with one very successful person – my husband, who has worked on “smiling” more as a priority habit.  It’s not just about the smile…it’s the spirit of optimism behind it.  It’s the commitment to joy and laughter behind it.   Optimistic, joyful people produce more and do more.  Did the success lead to the smile or the smile to the success? Well a whole book can be written about that one…suffice it to say, if all a person has to smile about is their success, they are anchored to a moving target and are dependent upon outside factors.   Not a good thing.  Smile easily, frequently, deeply!  It’s a tonic for the mind, body and soul.  It breeds success.
    6. Be STILL…that would be the habit of PAUSE.  As with sentences – can you just imagine this blog without punctuation?! So is a life without stillness and pause and rest.  Be still long enough to connect to your source.  For me that is God.  Successful people know how to tune out and get re-energized.  Stillness is the most powerful way to do this. It’s called meditation by some.  But don’t get confused with technique, just get still, get present and permit your mind to concede ‘power.’  Thoughts and thinking can really keep a person busy, even when they’re sitting still. The idea is to tune into your deeper source, not your patterned thoughts and self-centered cares.
    7. Deep Breathing. ..which by the way is what you can do when you pause throughout the day.   Breath, deep breath is a habit that is MOST understated and underestimated.  It’s actually not one that gets mentioned often by folks I coach.  But I have to bring it up because it’s pivotal to success. Breathing  from your diaphragm  is breathing to excel. That’s the kind of breath that pushes the needed substance into our blood stream to our brain. We simply need oxygen and all that’s in it for a reason: LIFE!  Ask any high performing athlete or performer, they will tell you about the power of breath.
    8. Patience & Calm. This is the habit to develop if you struggle with anger, intolerance, hasty decisions, dependencies, worry, anxiety, disorganization, and more.  Having a habit of patience allows you to remain present – not in the past, full of anxiety and not in the future, full of worry. Of course there are other characteristics and habits that would would need  to be developed to support this place of patience and peace.  Truly successful people know what the “small stuff” is and they know how impotent and effective  it is to fight against circumstances outside their control. They’re wise.
    9. Forgiveness.  Having a habit of letting things go, releasing, not taking offense, not holding on to guilt is most powerful.  And of course with this habit and mindset, patience, calm, inner peace, joy, stillness, smiling, gratitude, creativity, kindness, productivity, accountability, self-discipline…all flow naturally  and powerfully. The extra personal baggage created by un-forgiveness blocks the blessings you work hard to create and receive.
    10. Bedtime/Wake-up routine that WORKS – Going to bed early enough to get up at the time needed to have the day start right is a habit successful people ALWAYS reference as a key to their success.  Not only does our bodies and minds REQUIRE adequate sleep and rest, but rising early enough to get those quiet things done impacts the rest of my day every time.
    11. I KNOW I said 10! But this one just can’t be left out….ORGANIZATION! From goal-setting to keeping ideas properly housed to clearing your work space and knowing where to find what you need when it’s needed, it all adds up to running an efficient and organized operation at home and at work.  At one level or another, being successful depends on being organized.

    I know…1, 8 & 9 are not as simple and straightforward as the others…they require more soul searching but you can create specific action steps to build these success habits into your life.  As for the others, they each require a commitment that is lasting and anchored to your overall plan for your life.

    These are some of the habits over the years that  people –  super successful people – have identified as having the most impact in their lives immediately and permanently.  They lead to self-discipline and self-mastery.    These habits won’t have major impact in just one area of your life.  They will impact your entire life  – personal, relationships, community, home life and work life.

    These are the self-discipline “gateway habits,” create these and many others  will follow.

    So take another look and see which of these powerful success habits you will tackle first.

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  • September 21st is National Gratitude Day. Although everyday I am grateful for the things going on in my life. Gratitude is powerful mind-set. It allows you to get through the good and the bad by finding something positive in everything that happens. It keeps you from complaining about what's not right. Why?, because if you are focused on being grateful there just isn't time for complaining. Be grateful everyday. What are you grateful for?

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  • Free STEM Program

    Morgan State University is sponsoring a free Saturday STEM program for children K-12. If you're interested, information can be found here…/semaa-stem-programsaturday-aca…/… and you can register online here…/1THdkmYv9v30BFi5l4Zsn0-_…/viewform

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  • In Blink of An Eye

    Yesterday, morning I woke up fixed breakfast and told my kid to have a great day at work. About 3 minutes later, my son calls and said the car was hit. Thank God, everyone involved was fine. Today, I learned that a co-worker's wife was killed in a card accident and leaves behind 4 small children and a husband. My heart goes out to the family who I know is having a hard time in this moment.

    Today I had a lady walk up to me and tell me how beautiful I looked and asked,  "Has anyone told you that they loved you today?" She gave me a hug and went on her way.

    To reflect on the events of the last 24 hours, I couldn't help but think about how quickly life can change and how valuable every breathing moment truly is. How important it is to love on family and friends. Today, tell your family how much you love them. Remember, life can drastically change in a blink of an eye.

    Speak of From the Soul

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  • Music Arts Festival 2015

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  • I was checking my email this morning Goals on Track sent me a newsletter entitled, "7 Good Habits of Highly Successful People" I'm sure many of you have read the book by Stephen Covey. I have read it several times. In fact, I use it as a workbook. It is important that constantly revisit ideas that work to keep them in the forefront of our minds and brains. Please take a minute and reconnect with 7 Good Habits of Highly Successful People


    Have a Blessed Day!

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  • Which One Are You?

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