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Ida Crawford-Entrepreneur Coach

Littlestown, PA


Birthday: January 6

What is your reason for joining? I am here because I enjoy supporting others to be there best self. I am committed to those who are committed to making it happen. As the CEO of A Sista's Circle Empowerment Network, LLC, I am committed to fostering an environment where women entrepreneurs are supported with Personal and Business Development, Network and Media Opportunities to successfully grow their business. .

What special skills do you bring to the organization? I have been in the computer field for over 20 years and bring a wealth of information to support your computer needs. I can support you in being conscious and intentional about what it is you want in your life.

Tell Us What You Do I am a Certified Life Coach, Entrepreneur Coach. I am also a freelance writer. Visit my blog at

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Coming to the mic is Patrick Parker, also known as Sgt Pushup, who will be talking about his commitment of 250,000 pushups to raise money for the Maryland Food Bank.
Join us Thursday, August 24, 2017 at 11:30 CT and 12:30 PM on The Amazing Women of…
 Anetrice House is a non-profit organization that will operate in Baltimore City. Anetrice House is a Permanent Supportive Housing Program for women (18-25 years of age), with children, that are pursuing adequate employment, tra…
Join us tomorrow, August 17, 2017 on The Amazing Women of Power Radio Network, 11:30 CT and 12:30 PM ET, where we have Charese Adesalu, CEO of Prodigy Accounting Services coming to the Mic to share her knowledge of 20 plus years in the financial ind…
It's time for Just Minding My Business. Coming to the Mic on August 10th is Coach Lamb, CEO of Future Mogul Entrepreneur Lab and the creator of Successful Business Launcher Strategy.
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Coming to the Mic is Stephanie Jordan, CEO of SRJ Designs who creates beautiful jewelry using seed beads. Stephanie will be sharing her "Why" and what it takes to run a successful hand-made jewelry business. Join us:
11:30 CT and !2:PM ET on the Ama…
Coming to the mic today is Coach Karina M, CEO of Tap Into Wellness. Coach Karina M. is an author and speaker committed to supporting people to live healthy through nutrition. Join us TODAY at 11:30 CT and 12:30 PM Eastern as we explore "Tap Into We…
I am so proud and honored to know Coach Karina M. She is so passionate about supporting others with better nutritional habits.
Pre-order her book today:

Coming to the mic today is Minister Kiesha L. Peterson, who is a best seller author and committed to empowering people. Kiesha is also a Sponsor for the Experience DMV happening this Friday. To register for this visit It's…
Good Morning, all and Blessings to everyone..
Yesterday was a crazy day. Several "monkey wrenches" in the plan, I like to call them. You know what I'm talking about. Those "to the left" events that you don't see coming. Some days it just doesn't go…
Excited about being a part of the Speak Life California Edition. Join us for a weekend of youth empowerment!
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