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Ida Crawford Life Coach

Littlestown, PA


Birthday: January 6

What is your reason for joining? I am here because I enjoy supporting others to be there best self. I am committed to those who are committed to making it happen. As the CEO of A Sista's Circle Empowerment Network, LLC, I am committed to fostering an environment where we work together as one and where we are always in collaboration not competition.

What special skills do you bring to the organization? I have been in the computer field for over 20 years and bring a wealth of information to support your computer needs. I can support you in being conscious and intentional about what it is you want in your life.

Tell Us What You Do I am a Certified Life Coach, Business Coach and Mentor of Daily Life For Me. I support individuals who feel as though they are not where they should or want to be in their life and/or their business. I support in creating an action plan that works for you to get you where you want to be. Visit my website at In addition, I get to support junior and senior high school students in being aware of the choices that they make both academically and personally through The Maryland Business Roundtable for Education. I am also a freelance writer. Visit my blog at

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Today is the day for "Just Minding My Business 24/7 with the amazing Karen McFadden behind the mic supporting us to "Tap Into Wellness"
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On The Air at 12:30 with Minister Kiesha Peterson with the 3 D's of Success

Ida Crawford | The Amazing Women of Power Radio Network
Mindset along with tools you can use is the perfect combination for achieving success. Just Minding M…
Words are powerful. They have the ability to empower and inspire or discourage. How we talk to ourselves as well as others truly matters. Certain words inspire one to achieve or not.
One of the words, I tend to stay away from is "try" "trying." For…
Coming to the Mic this Thursday is Minister Kiesha L Peterson. Mark Your Calendar
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Howard University Here We Come
"Thank you for the tip, Karen. I did not know that about Lemon grass."
Come out and enjoy our young people perform. These kids really have it going on.
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