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For those who are lactose sensitive. This is alternative way having your probiotics, are not available in yogurt. Kefir is a thick drink made by fermenting milk with Kefir grains composed of lactic acid bacteria, yeast, and polysaccharides. Kefir help support the digestive system and prevent the growth of harmful bacteria in the intestines. Vitamins K and B12 are produced in the gut and the probiotics in Kefir....Kefir helps with weight-loss, Lactose Intolerant in individuals, cancer prevention, lower cholesterol levels, helps aids with for children digestive system too. Let 's us go out get some kefir Family!!Follow me Coach Karina on Persciope My _wellnessworld/1vOxwvQOAeEJBMonday @6pm today..Tuesday Wellness Health Tip @1pm. Also Instagram tapinto_wellness _2017
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