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For Those Who Can Not Go To The Gym To Relieve That Anxiety and Stress! Let's Take A Walk...Walking for 30min is a good way to relieve anxiety, panic, stress and another way to get things off your mind by praying to Our Wonderful GOD Almighty. Who is the Hearer of Prayer. (Psalms 65:2) Start Today Family! Follow Me on Periscope TV as My Wellness World with your Beauty and Lifestyle Coach Karina.
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COACH KARINA YOUR WELLNESS &amp;Lifestyle ,Educator ,Author on Amazon,Inspirational Speaker. I apologize for not sharing more content on this platform.. If you like my COACHING WITH KARINA content follow me on Instagram: <a href=""></a> /tapinto_wellness_coachingwkmm Facebook: http://facebook. com/ wellinsideofyou

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